Lake Kashagawigamog

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Lake Kashagawigamog - Willow Beach Layout

Heritage Site

Willow Beach Cottages is a collection of privately owned and operated cottages on the north shore of beautiful Lake Kashagawigamog. Kashagawigamog means “Great Lake of Long and Narrow Winding Waters” and is the name given to the lake by the Native Canadians who trapped and hunted in this region over a century ago. Our cottage owners welcome you to explore the Haliburton Highlands using Willow Beach Cottages as your base.

Founders Of Willow Beach Cottages

The founders of Willow Beach Cottages, the Hollands, were one of the first 7 families to inhabit the Haliburton Region. James Holland actually started trapping in the region, perhaps as early as 1857. In 1861 James decided to take up permanent residence and settled on the property upon which the resort now rests. In the late 1860's James ran the local hotel in the village of Haliburton. The trademark willow trees, which adorn the waterfront, were planted by James. The current resort was founded by one of James Holland’s descendants in the early 1950's. Since that time the size of the resort has grown to 13 cottages spread nicely over 4.5 acres.

Willow Beach Cottages Today

All cottages are well maintained and have been continually updated. The new owners of the cottages at Willow Beach are proud to keep up the Holland Family tradition of providing hospitality on one of the oldest inhabited sites in the Haliburton region.