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Handicap Accessibility
Cottage number 7 has been renovated to become one of Ontario’s few handicap accessible rental cottages with the intent of making carefree cottaging possible for people of all ability levels. Whether the individual uses a cane, or walker this cottage is a good choice.

It has a ramp to the 34″ wide entry door. All interior doors are at least 34″ wide and there is turning space for a walker in the master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.
Furniture is arranged to enable easy movement throughout the cottage. The cottage has a roll-in shower in the bathroom with a flip down seat. There is a grab bar beside the toilet and a wall hung sink. While the two person corner jacuzzi overlooking the private woods at the back of the cottage is not accessible, it is an added attraction for the caregiver.

Designed by a former occupational therapist this cottage accommodates a number of different ability levels.

The rest of the grounds are relatively flat and grass covered (except in winter when it is snow covered of course). The spa building is accessible by ramp, however the sauna is not accessible. The Rec Hall is not accessible at this time.


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What people are saying…

“A great place to take my sister who needs a lift to be moved from bed to chair. She had a great time!”

G. Collins

I’ve been looking for years for a cottage that is truly accessible and now I’ve found it! So, many people advertise that they are accessible and then we arrive and find barriers that we can’t manage to get around. What a great experience to finally have a place to vacation that is truly accessible.

S. Andersen

My husband has not been able to take a vacation with the family since his accident. Our girls are having such a good time vacationing with their father. The cottage works perfectly for us! We can’t wait to come back and have already booked a week in June.

J. Smith